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Legacy of the Professor

SEATTLE — The San Diego Chargers of 1980 had never seen a rookie quite like Harrison B. Wilson III. A Dartmouth grad and the president of his law school class at the University of Virginia, he solicited an invitation to training camp to take his one shot at the NFL. It was an ambition he had deferred for three years out of respect for his father’s academic absolutism. The advanced degree had to come first, then the chance to play wide receiver as a pro.


Seattle Seahawks Take Flight With Son of ‘Harry B.’ ’77

When NFL fans watch Russell Wilson play, they see a talented and personable young quarterback who has led the Seattle Seahawks to the NFC playoffs in each of his first two seasons and is widely expected to lead them to the 2014 Super Bowl title.

When Dartmouth alumni from the 1970s watch Wilson play, they see the spitting image of his late father, Harrison B. Wilson III ’77, who was a standout football and baseball player for the Big Green.