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Jimmie Lee Solomon on FOX Sports

fox-sports_jimmie_Lee_guestJimmie Lee Solomon was back on FOX Sports Radio November 2nd in the morning at 6-9am ET. Seth Everett’s Show was heard across the USA on FOX Affiliates as well as I Heart Radio. Guests included Jimmie Lee Solomon, John McMullen talking NFL, & Brian Geltzeiler. Jimmie Lee spoke on a few topics. They included: comments on the World Series Win of the night before, giving big money contracts to the players, and the state of the some of the organizations – specifically the A’s and Tampa Rays.

Seth being a long time friend of Jimmie Lee’s wanted to ask him more of which it could get some insight on. One question was about a more polarizing conversation, gun possession of national sports athletes. Then going back to a topic so near to both their hearts, as they battled it years ago together. The still the low percentage of African American players in Baseball and what should be done was the final input Seth wanted. Seth had requested that Jimmie Lee be a ‘frequent contributor’ to his show. So we are sure that we will hear Jimmie Lee and Seth discuss more sensitive topics in the future. Stay tuned!

Jimmie Lee Solomon on 1230 News Talk Radio

Brian Orlando talks to Jimmie Lee Solomon about the Girls Inc event, and other topics.

Jimmie Lee Solomon…

  • Can talk on minority issues in sports.
  • Can get perspective of legal opinions on Litigation/Law suits going on with high profile athletes in any sport.
  • College athlete potentials -Give a bird’s eye view of opportunities they could seek or opinion on longevity based on contract deals, etc.
  • National Sport staffing polarizing opinions
  • Athletes contract negotiations
  • Polarizing views on the world of sports and legal matters of national attention.
  • The way college student athletes are being groomed, managed or mistreated.
  • African American athletes working hard to get into the management levels of National sports.

Jimmie Lee Solomon talking about “42″

An inspiring film, “42,” remembers the legacy of baseball great Jackie Robinson. As former Executive Vice President of Baseball Development at Major League Baseball, Jimmie Lee Solomon recalls, during a CNN interview, the famous baseball player’s mission was much like his is today – promoting an environment where people lived together harmoniously, despite their color.