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    Senior Sports Executive

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  • Business Manager<br/>to World Class Athletes

    Business Manager
    to World Class Athletes


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MLB Urban Youth Academy

Many big names in MLB have come from an Urban Youth Academy, including Anthony Gose (Toronto Blue Jays) and Carlos Correa (Houston Astros).  Jimmie Lee Solomon was the major force in the founding of the MLB Urban Youth Academy.


Civil Right Game

Jimmie Lee Solomon founded the Civil Rights Game in 2007. The Game, played annually, works in conjunction with awareness events and honors baseball’s relationship to the Civil Rights movement.




ALL-STAR Futures Game

Spearheaded by Jimmie Lee Solomon, the game involves one team of top minor league baseball prospects from the United States competing against a team of prospects from other countries around the World.



Minor League Baseball

Jimmie Lee Solomon’s work with Minor League Baseball is consistent with his fondness for under-exposed talent. During his tenure in the Minor League, Solomon worked to improve virtually every aspect of the league.